Friday, March 20, 2009

Have Your Kids Draw Your Mustang and Win A Cervinis Lil C500!

So you think you can draw? Too bad! Cause this contest is for the kids! And for once we are talking about actual kids, and not just those of us that are kids at heart.

This month the contest will tempt to get the entire family involved. Not only will this contest require the elder Stang enthusiasts involvement, but it will also require the participation of some of our younger followers. And what better way to get your son(s), daughter(s), nephew(s), niece(s), grandkid(s), neighbors kid(s), to put their "artistic" skills to the test, then by drawing a picture of your Mustang.

You might ask yourself, how will I get these kids to help and why would they want to do such a thing? Because we are giving away a Cervinis Lil-C500 Mustang PowerWheels that's why!

To check out more information on the contest, check out the AmericanMuscle Blog. Instructions for submitting your entry are also there.

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