Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AmericanMuscle Manly BBQ Contest

It’s come to our attention that not all of our customers are out cruising the streets or lighting up the tracks in their super-tuned Mustangs 24/7. As it turns out, many of them spend ample time pony’d up to the barbecue searing, smoking and delivering meticulously rubbed and marinated meatiness to fork and knife pounding carnivores everywhere.

Well let it be known that we at American Muscle are hungry too. We’ve been known to sink our teeth deep into a hearty steak and chew like rabid dogs thrashing our heads until only bone remains. But we digress. With the summer grilling season now upon us, we are asking our customers to submit their favorite Ford Mustang-inspired recipes for the grill. Be it your 1/4-Mile Race Strip Steak, or your explosive NOS-Infused Filet Mignon, or your Extra Greasy Rack ‘n Pinion Ribs, you send us your favorite recipes and we’ll have our very own professional chef (Yes, we actually have a professional chef on staff, because that’s just how we roll.) prepare ‘em per your exact instructions.

And when all the grillin’ is done, the Official AmericanMuscle.com Eating Team, a select group of world-renowned barbecue aficionados who also just happen to work for us, will devour your delectable eats and proclaim a winner, or vomit, but hopefully the prior.

To the winner goes a Grand Prize package valued at more than $300 that includes a stainless steel Keg-a-Que portable grill, a deluxe 18-piece barbecue tool set, a manly American Muscle chef’s hat and apron (because you’ve gotta dress the part), an Extreme Barbecue Cookbook, and an Omaha Steak Gift Package that will be lucky to escape the building.

So get your entries in ASAP over at the AmericanMuscle Blog and let the good recipes roll!

The AmericanMuscle BBQ Contest

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