Monday, August 17, 2009

Best of the Worst Edition

by Chris Shunk

The Woodward Dream Cruise attracts hundreds of thousands of people and some of the best and most creative metal ever crafted. Some vehicles are finished works of art, while others are, well, works in progress. There's also a third kind of vehicle... those rolling tributes to rust and rot that tend to get in the way of the view of the other cars and trucks on Woodward. These are the kind of vehicles, that, if touched, could potentially necessitate a tetanus shot.

This year, instead of ruing the jalopies littering the streets of southeast Michigan, we've decided to embrace them for all the humor they provide. We've collected the best of the worst of Woodward 2009 for your perusal. Click on the gallery below to see the cars and trucks you wouldn't wish upon your enemy, and hit the jump to tell us which vehicle takes the crown as the ultimate Woodward warthog.


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