Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Car Accident Causes

Car accidents are unpredictable occurrences. Nobody wants to be involved in one, primarily because it is detrimental to the body, mind and spirit. It is also damaging to one’s property. Although it may seem like there is no apparent cause to an accident, there are actually underlying situations that most likely led to it.

Equipment Failure
 Prior to the accident, there may already have been something wrong with the vehicle’s brakes, or some other part of the car. Being unable to check the condition of the car could be a major misstep that might lead to a car accident. In order to avoid accidents caused by equipment failure, it is always good to have the car’s parts and condition checked regularly.

Roadway Design and Poor Maintenance of the Roadway
 Another underlying reason for the occurrence of a vehicular accident would be the condition or design of the roadway. A roadway that has a lot of sharp curves is sometimes a contributing factor to a car accident. Another contributing factor would be a slippery roadway, or one that has a lot of un-repaired holes. A car would have a lesser risk of being in an accident when it is traveling on a road that is properly maintained, and one that does not have a lot of sharp turns and curves

The Driver’s Behavior
 The majority of car accidents that happen involve the driver’s behaviour. Aggressive drivers have a higher risk of being involved in vehicle accidents, as are those who drive with excessive speed. There have also been many car accidents involving people who were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. For a driver, in order to avoid a car accident, it would be best to practice defensive driving and not be driving without your full concentration on the road.

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