Monday, December 28, 2009

Taylor's big day on The Price is Right

by Chris Shunk

It has been a long, long time since we've watched The Price is Right – let alone on a regular basis, but there was a time when 11:00am was Bob Barker time. Barker has, of course, been replaced by comedian Drew Carey, but the game show hasn't changed much for the most part, and still rocks the most when either Plinko is being played or the showcase involves a new car.

That's good news for Taylor, a 19-year-old who celebrated his birthday on the show last year. Taylor had what could only be called one of the luckiest days in show history (at least to auto enthusiasts), winning two rear-wheel-drive cars, a scooter, a trip to Boston and a boatload of money. Now that's what we call a birthday present, and hopefully Taylor was able to use some of his winnings to trade up from a V6 Ford Mustang to a GT. Hit the jump to watch this oldie but goodie. Top tip, Mojo!

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