Saturday, May 15, 2010

$99 Ultimate BMW Experience reinvents the factory tour

by Chris Shunk

Most factory tours cost a lot less than $99, but BMW has more up its sleeve than a short walk down the production line. BMW's Spartanburg, South Carolina facility is home to a new enthusiast attraction called "The Ultimate BMW Experience." The tour starts out with a trip to the Zentrum museum followed by a tour of the assembly line, where you're likely to see products like the new X5 M get pieced together. That's not exactly worth parting ways with 99 bucks, but there's more to the deal. After the factory stroll, tour-goers hook up with a certified BMW performance driving instructor and spend two hours piloting a Bimmer on the track . Now there's a horse we can ride. Where do we sign up?

BMW plans to further upgrade the tour soon with "custom driving excursions, rare vehicle demonstrations and unique culinary events as well as many other spectacular opportunities." The Ultimate BMW Experience runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you're interested in the tour you can set up a date by calling 1-877-9BMW-EXP. Hit the jump to read over the BMW press release.

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