Wednesday, March 23, 2011

About Auto Parts and Your Insurance Policy

When you buy auto parts for your vehicle, it can affect your insurance premiums. Extra parts are parts that are for a motor vehicle but are not initially attached to the vehicle when you make your purchase.Extra auto parts can include: nerf bars, power programmers, fender flares, performance accessories,off-road accessories, grille guards, expensive tire rims, winches, suspension kits, and more. If you choose to drive a vehicle and add custom expensive parts, prepare to pay more for your auto insurance premiums. An insurance company such as Estatecarinsure considers a number of factors when determining a driver’s level of risk that includes risk of theft and cost to repair.

Any modifications in the performance parts to boost the vehicle's performance, or boost its speed willresult in higher insurance premiums because higher speeds increase the risk of an accident. As well, expensive aesthetic modifications that increase the value of the car will result in higher premiums as it can increase the risk of theft. Also, a more expensive car will be more expensive to replace and if an expensive part has to be fixed or replaced, it will result in a higher repair bill. Insurance companies are aware of the higher costs so they raise their premiums to reflect that risk. As far as insurance companies are concerned, anything that results in the insurer having to spend more money in claims will increase the driver's level of risk.

There are also auto parts that can lower your insurance premiums. You will often get a special discount for added safety features such as automatic seat belts, Anti-Lock Brakes, and airbags. When adding new auto parts to your vehicle and you are worried about your insurance premiums, the best place to find cheap car insurance is online insurance sites such as eStateCarInsure where you can get the cheapest car insurance quotes online and purchase a policy directly from your local, authorized dealer.

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