Thursday, August 25, 2011

The type and value of your car will affect your insurance premium quote

A great deal of young drivers will be faced with car insurance costs that they just cannot afford, especially if they are currently out of work, which means for many, having to put off being able to drive around until they can afford it. However, a worrying number of these novice motorists are taking to the roads of without the necessary cover in place, which could land them with a heavy fine and penalty points. If they are involved in a serious accident too, it could have devastating effects on many lives including their own.

There are a number of simple ways that young drivers can look at, which will help to reduce the cost of their motor insurance premium. For example, the type of car they choose to drive will have a bearing on the price they will be charged for cover.

Young motorists wanting cheaper car insurance quotes should have a vehicle that is not classed as a ‘luxury’ car or does not have a high-powered engine. These are usually much more expensive to insure, especially for young or first time drivers. Choosing a car with a smaller engine, which is a standard model and has no modifications, will see your insurance quote fall drastically.

The value of the car is also important, as the cheaper it is, the less the car insurance is likely to be. High value, ‘flashy’ cars are seen as a higher risk to insure, so going for a reliable second hand vehicle will also help to keep your insurance premium low.

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