Monday, September 7, 2015

Nissan teases crossover concept for Frankfurt

Author: Greg Migliore

Nissan released a teaser shot on Monday of a crossover concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and it's quite the tease. Nissan literally gave us no further information.

Speculation is rampant as to the vehicle's identity. Autocar suggests it could wear the famous Z badge, which would be a stunning departure from the Z's sports-car heritage. Other theories indicate it could be the next-generation Juke. The photo does show off Nissan's latest design language which is used by the Murano and Maxima in production.

The only other info we have is a cryptic line from Nissan's press release: "So can Nissan continue to innovate and move the bar higher? What if Nissan created a new way to feel driving excitement? The answer will come at the Frankfurt Motor Show." Expect more information and images to dribble out and or/leak this week in the run-up to the show.


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