Monday, May 16, 2016

Second Tesla Model S driver blames Autopilot failure for crash

Author: Danny King

    A driver of a Tesla Model S in California is blaming the electric vehicle's Autopilot feature and its failure to properly engage the car's braking system for a crash on Interstate 5. According to Ars Technica, Tesla driver Arianna Simpson says her April 26 accident was the result of Tesla's Autopilot feature not properly engaging its collision-avoidance feature. As a result, she applied the brakes too late and rear-ended the vehicle in front of her at about 40 miles per hour. No one was hurt in the accident.

Tesla says that, just prior to the accident, Simpson disengaged Autopilot's emergency-braking system by hitting the brakes and taking control of the steering wheel. "Since the release of Autopilot, we've continuously educated customers on the use of the feature, reminding them that they're responsible for remaining alert and present when using Autopilot and must be prepared to take control at all times," the company added in a statement to Autoblog. "Autopilot is by far the most advanced such system on the road, but it does not turn a Tesla into an autonomous vehicle and does not allow the driver to abdicate responsibility."

The incident follows up a case in Utah where driver Jared Overton said his Model S, which didn't have a driver inside at the time, rolled into a parked trailer. He told The Verge that the Model S, which is equipped with the Summon feature that allows the car to pull itself out of or into a parking space, "went rogue." As with the Utah incident, Tesla says the California accident was caused by driver error.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Car stunt on San Francisco Bay Bridge backs up traffic for miles

Author: Erin Marquis

A group of 50 cars closed down the San Francisco Bay Bridge on Sunday evening to put on a road show. What's really remarkable is that none of the offending drivers have been arrested. Yet.

A road show is when several cars coordinate together to block off traffic. The open lanes are then used as a stage for burnouts, donuts, and other tricks. Once these jokers have their fun, traffic is allowed to open back up. In this case, five drivers worked together to block all lanes on the Bay Bridge, SFGate reported. Once traffic was stopped, 50 show offs flooded the bridge.

While road shows might seem like a car enthusiast's dream, they thoughtlessly force hundreds of drivers to sit in miles-long traffic backups. In this case, nobody was able to cross the Bay Bridge while this latest stunt took place. Police haven't made any arrests at this time. In a video of the road show posted by Instagram user Bay Area Movement is appears that the cars have removed their license plates to avoid detection. So far the video has over 2,000 likes on Instagram.

I guess the owner of the white GTO painted his car and wanted to do it again with his new paint...😂😂😂 don't tag the owner! I didn't record this! #Repost #BayBridge

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