Friday, January 23, 2009

Ford debuting new NASCAR engine this season

by Jeremy Korzeniewski

ord is set to debut its first-ever clean-sheet NASCAR racing engine later this year. Known internally as the FR9, the new V8 shares no parts with its predecessor and is the first modern Ford engine designed specifically for NASCAR. Unlike the last-generation race engine, which, though thoroughly modified, was based on a production Ford 351 engine block, the new FR9 makes full use of the allowable 4.500-inch bore spacing that NASCAR has dictated in its rules. Further, the FR9's cooling and lubrication systems have been completely redesigned, allowing teams to configure their car's grille areas for better aerodynamics.

Ford claims that the engine has been on the drawing board for the last three years, and the new engine has logged thousands of miles on the dyno. The first successful testing on the track also took place last November. Expect to see various NASCAR teams using the new FR9 around the middle of this season.

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