Monday, May 4, 2009

Small Town Trust

Buying a used vehicle can be frightening at times. Reading the car classifieds and surfing the internet can leave your mind numb. So then, just do you trust? If you live in a small town, your local car dealer is usually the best place to start if you’re trying to find used cars for sale.

This little company that starts out with a good mechanic and his friend or brother has a good business head. They start small, working out of their own garage, often after working another day job. They buy a car and fix it up. They re-sell it and use the profit to by another one. Soon they might have enough to buy or rent a little shop with a hoist. They open up small, offering a wide variety of services, including repairs and maintenance. All the while, they continue to buy used cars and fix them up.

Soon they have too many cars to keep around the shop, so they buy or rent a little space next door or down the street. The mechanic always has work to do. Soon they might even need to hire an apprentice, and chances are, it will be someone from the same town, maybe even a relative.

These small-time car dealers are easy to spot. They don’t sell new cars like 2009 Honda Accords or 2009 Honda Civics, and they sport names like Jack’s Auto Sales, or Joe and Macs Auto. They are very easy to separate from the big auto dealers with brand names and bijavascript:void(0)
Publish Postg advertising budgets. They’ll have a small sign that they change regularly to advertise what is available. One day you might go by and see “used Honda Civic for sale”, and the next day it might read, “Used Jimmy 4x4 for sale”.

You can trust these people because they live in the same small town. If they weren’t completely honest and gave good value and quality, they would soon be out of business. The people they deal with most are their neighbors and friends. Sometimes, they even get a recommendation from the local auto insurance broker. They know most of the people in the town.

It becomes easy to see why these homegrown businesses can be trusted. They have put many thousand of hours building goodwill into their business; they are not going to throw that all away to make a few thousand dollars.

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