Thursday, September 24, 2009


Always in pursuit of maximum performance and reliability, race teams from NASCAR to Formula 1 have filled tires with nitrogen gas for years based on the many benefits it offers over conventional air inflation. In another huge step toward superior customer service, aftermarket Mustang part retailer is now offering free nitrogen inflation with all wheel and tire purchases. That’s right, we said FREE.

The benefits of nitrogen tire inflation are obvious, and extensive. Nitrogen is an inert gas, so pumping it into your tires eliminates the presence of oxygen and water, both of which are sources of many tire problems. Here are just a few of the benefits of nitrogen:

  • Better Performance: Nitrogen-filled tires maintain the same pressure, regardless of ambient and operating temperature. With no water to radically expand and contract with temperature changes, tires keep a constant pressure. This means better performance when things get hot.

  • Longer Tire Life: Operating tires at the incorrect pressure is the primary cause of uneven and premature wear. Compared to oxygen molecules, nitrogen molecules are much larger and unable to permeate the tire sidewall. Some reports suggest that nitrogen-filled tires maintain their pressure up to three times longer than non-nitro tires.

  • Better Fuel Economy: Under-inflated tires mean higher rolling resistance that requires additional fuel to maintain speed. Tires that don’t lose pressure keep your fuel economy right on track.

Further proving AmericanMuscle’s commitment to offering Mustang owners the total shopping package, the new nitrogen inflation program, a benefit that often costs $10 per tire, is offered along with free mounting and balancing on all wheel and tire purchases. Add in the company’s guarantee that all mounted wheel and tire packages will ship within three days of ordering and clearly is the best place to buy wheels and tires for your Mustang, bar none. For more information on nitrogen-filled tires from AmericanMuscle, please visit:

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