Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GWA Tuning lays hands on Mercedes-Benz E63 Estate

by Jonathon Ramsey

To our hearts and minds the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon needs nothing. That hasn't stopped GWA Tuning from adding to the monstrous estate, and we'll leave it to you to give thanks, or not, that they feel differently than us. The package includes a new grille and front bumper with fierce set of LED-adorned intakes beneath the 'knees,' new side sills and rear diffuser, plus some ducting here and there for good measure.

That's the standard kit. If you need more, grab the entire swine and request the lowered stance on staggered wheels – 19s in front, 20s in back – body-colored GWA wheels, and the remote-controlled exhaust butterflies. And beyond that remote you wouldn't know anything had been done, since GWA's only modifications are aluminum pedals and illuminated door sills. The base package needs €15,000 ($18,500 U.S.) of your attention, the top flight kit needing about €22,000 ($27,200 U.S.).

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