Monday, October 4, 2010

Train Horn Kits For Your Car – Get Loud!

If you keep up with the auto industry at all you’ve probably noticed that the mighty train horn is becoming a popular accessory to put on your car or truck. These aftermarket devices are a sure way to get your ride to stand out in a crowd.

This all started by people actually taking horns off of locomotives and putting it on their trucks. These horns were extremely loud but in most cases were also fairly large, cumbersome, and not that nice to look at. So naturally some extremely smart person saw an opportunity and started building them specifically for cars and trucks. These new train horn kits are smaller, typically chrome, and much easier to install.

They are quickly becoming a craze. If you search youtube you’ll find video after video of people showing off their air horns. Often times the video will be of someone driving down a crowded street and just letting a long loud blast that startles everyone within 100 feet. While this is certainly not the most responsible use of a train horn it still kind of funny.

You have a couple options if you’re interested in buying a train horn kit. First you have to decide how much you want to spend. Typically they range anywhere from $299 to $499 but can go all the way up to almost $1500. Next you want to think about just how loud you want your train horn to be. The less expensive kits usually put out around 150dB and can give a 5 second blast while the large kits not only put out more decibels but can sometimes blast for up to 15 seconds. The louder kits are also larger so take that into consideration. You probably won’t be putting the big kit in your Honda civic.

So if you’re interested in learning more about train horn kits get over to where Marc has a great selection you can choose from.


ale8oneboy said...

Yep. Nothing can clear traffic like a train horn.

network said...

such a unic game i like it

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