Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Concept A-Class shows off its finer points

by Noah Joseph

The current Mercedes-Benz A-Class might boast some innovative construction, but it isn't exactly the most striking design the German automaker has ever come up with. The new Concept A-Class, however, now that's another story. While the outgoing production A-Class takes on the likes of the Volkswagen Golf Plus and Opel Meriva, the new concept looks poised to take the fight to the BMW 1 Series, Lexus CT 200h and Audi A3.

Naturally, as a concept car, some of the flashier bits are bound to be lost on the road to eventual production, but overall the showcar emerges as a clear step in the right direction. But don't take our word for it – follow the jump to watch a trio of videos: two showing the A-Class Concept from all the angles in smooth silence, and a third with MB designer Mark Fetherston highlighting some of the finer points of the Concept A-Class.

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plasterers bristol said...

Dunno if i like that or not.......

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