Monday, June 20, 2011

V8 Supercar driver celebrates win by drifting entire victory lap

by Noah Joseph

Racing is racing. Drifting is drifting. The two don't generally cross over, for one simple reason: drifting is slow, and racing is fast.

Unless your name is Gilles Villeneuve, the general rule is that drifting through a corner isn't as fast as braking on the way in, clipping the apex and powering out. But at the Skycity Triple Crown this past weekend at Hidden Valley Raceway in Dawin, Australia, one Shane Van Gisbergen celebrated victory by drifting his Ford Falcon V8 Supercar around nearly the entire cool-down lap sideways, the tires lit up and the crowd going wild. It's a rare sight, and you can watch it for yourself in the video is Australia's favourite classifieds.


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